Meeting Nick Beighton, the CEO of ASOS

March 11, 2019


“I wish I worked harder when I was your age,” nostalgically said Nick Beighton, the CEO of Asos, to the audience of NTU students last Friday morning.


Today, Nick is taking one of the top positions in the fashion industry by running one of the most profitable and innovative fashion brands in the world - ASOS. Having another successful year of progress, Asos delivered 26% sales growth and 28% profit growth in 2018. Bearing in mind his successful leadership, you may think that Nick does not have any regrets and only looks forward to the future and not the past. Keeping his warm interaction with NTU students, he reminded everyone that besides being a successful businessman, he is also a keen enthusiast and a human-being like the rest of us - with dreams, regrets and everlasting ambitions. If not the CEO of ASOS, I asked him where would he be if he worked harder. He simply smiled, wondered for a minute and then responded, “I don’t know. I really don’t know. I would’ve gotten there faster. Probably.”


PHOTO: Nick Beighton (CEO of Asos) and Alison Nevins (Senior Lecturer, NTU) in the Q&A session with Nottingham Trent University students on Friday morning (March 8, 2019). © Bernardas Garbacauskas





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